Anritsu upgrades portable 400G network tester

Created August 31, 2021
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Anritsu Corporation has upgraded its Network Master Pro MT1040A tester with the launch of its 400G dual/100G quad channel expansion MT1040A-020 option, which supports simultaneous dual-port 400GbE measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules. Anritsu says that since data Tx and Rx tests can be performed simultaneously, it is now possible to test networks as well as measure the latency and execute quality tests of 400G equipment using just one MT1040A unit. Additionally, testing of 200GbE used in data centres is also supported.

The 400GbE Network Master Pro MT1040A is a portable tester for evaluating the communications quality of various network types operating at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 400Gbps. With its stackable configuration of measurement modules, the MT1040A can support simultaneous dual-port 400GbE measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules, facilitating quality tests (BER, throughput, frame loss/latency, etc.) of 400GbE equipment. As it also supports 400GbE, the MT1040A also supports 200GbE, offering network operators a cost-effective, all-in-one tester.

The tester also features a one-button test function for pass/fail evaluation of multiple test results which cuts the test burden and reduces the need to support inexperienced operators performing complex on-site work.

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