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Webinar 1: Optical Communications

Date: 4th May 2022
Time: 13:00 (BST)
– Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera
– Fabio Cavaliere, Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies, Ericsson
– Antonio Tartaglia, System Manager

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Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera – “Pushing Coherent Optics to the Edge”

Coherent C-band transport technology in a mobile context has been limited to backhaul scenarios. 5G and future 6G push bandwidth needs at radio units higher so that network architectures need to move beyond 25G connections. In this networking segment, coherent technologies so far could not prove in. Stefan will discuss how a new breed of subcarrier-based optical aggregation pluggable transceivers is able to change the game.

Antonio Tartaglia and Fabio Cavaliere from Ericsson – “Optimized optical solutions for mobile networks: the battle of the bands”

Mobile transport is a unique segment, conjugating the extreme cost sensitivity of access and some performance requirements typical of metro transport. Up to 25Gb/s per wavelength, we’ve been using the O-band for short reach and fiber abundant scenarios, while we have used the C-band for longer reach and fiber scarce scenarios. Two Ericsson experts exchange their views on the adoption of higher bit rates. Is the rise of 50Gb/s and 100Gb/s going to change the way we use both bands, and how?

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Speaker biographies:

Dr. Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera

Stefan is responsible for managing Infinera’s portfolio of optical modules and coherent solutions which aims to provide embedded & pluggable optical engines for optical transport applications covering metro edge to subsea. In previous roles, Stefan was responsible for various optical transport systems in Infinera, Coriant, Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens Optical, and has spent several years in sales and R&D roles for optical transport systems.

Fabio Cavaliere, Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies, Ericsson

Fabio Cavaliere is Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies at Ericsson, where he is responsible for the standardization strategy in optical communications.

Antonio Tartaglia, System Manager 

Antonio Tartaglia is a System Manager and Expert in Photonics at Ericsson, focusing on optical solutions for RAN and RAN transport networks.


Webinar 2: Fibre – how to monetise? – 27th July 2022

Date: Wednesday 27th July
Time: 13:00 – 15:00 (BST)

Hear from:
– Ronan Kelly, CTO EMEA, Adtran
– Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager-Wireless Products, Signal Integrity Products Group, Semtech
– Xiang Liu, Chief Optical Standards Expert, Huawei Technologies
– Doug Blue, Nokia
– Andrew Lord, BT

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About the webinar
With fibre rapidly replacing legacy copper, the sheer capacity and speed of the new networks are making traditional forms of revenue generation obsolete, while at the same time opening up new ones. Indeed, operators are having to look beyond their core business to monetise fibre. Differentiators such as latency, symmetrical bitrates, bundling calls with streaming services, and dedicated gaming packages are all new potential sources of revenue. Then there’s the wholesale side. Opportunities exist in mobile x-haul, given the massive number of small cells required for 5G, along with revenue shares with major content suppliers. The possibilities are almost endless, but how will operators monetise their new fibre networks? Which business models will they choose and how successful will they be?

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Speaker presentations:

Ronan Kelly, CTO EMEA, Adtran
With unprecedented levels of fibre build occurring, operators face a period where bandwidth abundance, increasing competitive intensity, and skyrocketing operational costs is causing them to get squeezed from all angles. It is imperative that operators apply the appropriate diligence to how they light these new fibre networks.
Does their equipment help or impede their efficiency goals? Does it improve their flexibility and purchasing power in the industry? Does their equipment provide sufficient future proofing, or is it already at the peak of its capabilities?
Learn from the most recognised fixed broadband vendor CTO what the key considerations for success are.

Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager-Wireless Products, Signal Integrity Products Group, Semtech
IC technology innovation will form an important aspect to enable the 5G applications of the future. We discuss how such innovations are being enabled by semiconductor companies for the eco-system to adopt a 5G foundation that will lay the ground for 5.5G and 6G.
Semtech’s 50G Tri-Edge wireless platform is leading the way for next generation 5G X-haul upgrades to enable higher capacity optical links. Such links are critical to support the massive IoT and 5G subscribers’ growth while supporting the increased data per subscriber needs – and will form a strong foundation for C-band and mmWave deployments.

Xiang Liu, Chief Optical Standards Expert, Huawei Technologies
Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) and its unique value to service providers and end users
The emerging Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) technology extends fibers to every room and builds an Fiber-WiFi integrated network for smart homes and digital enterprises, enabling seamless telecom-quality WiFi coverage in each room and brand-new digital life experience. We will discuss the key technical aspects of FTTR, its unique value to both service providers and end users, and the current FTTR deployment status.

Andrew Lord, Senior Manager of Optical Research, BT
Ways to leverage fibre infrastructure
The talk will explore different technologies to exploit fibre infrastructure. This will include quantum, focusing on BT’s London quantum metro network. It will also look at the opportunities around ‘Fibre as a Sensor’

Speaker biographies:

Ronan Kelly, CTO EMEA, Adtran

Ronan Kelly has been CTO EMEA at Adtran for over 7 years and is responsible for driving the company’s international growth while building on its market reputation as a disruptive thought leader in the broadband access and transport arenas.

Ronan’s career in telecoms spans 20 years and includes 3 years as a Network Engineer at US Robotics from 1995 to 1998, 6 years at Smart Telecom both as Technical Operations Director and Senior Network Development Engineer and President of the FTTH Council Europe from 2016 to 2019.

Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager – Wireless Products, Signal Integrity Products Group, Semtech

Raza Khan is Semtech’s senior market manager for Wireless Products in Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group with over 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In his current role, he oversees the strategy, product line development and market development for integrated circuit (IC) solutions for optical transport needs within the wireless market. This includes the Tri-Edge™ 50G PAM4 product portfolio and ClearEdge® 25G product portfolio for the emerging 5G wireless market as well as the FiberEdge™ 10G product portfolio for the 4G wireless market.

Mr. Khan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Western University and a double major Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing and Management of Innovation and Technology (MINT) from McMaster University.

Xiang Liu Chief Optical Standards Expert, Huawei Technologies

Xiang Liu is Chief Optical Standards Expert of Huawei Technologies. He had been VP for Optical Transport and Access at Futurewei Technologies and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs.  He received the Ph.D. degree in applied physics from Cornell University in 2000. As a top-ranked Google Scholar in optical communications, he has authored/coauthored more than 350 journal and conference papers and holds over 100 US patents. He has served as a Technical Program Co-Chair of OFC 2016 and a General Co-Chair of OFC 2018. Xiang is a Fellow of the IEEE and the OSA (now OPTICA).

Andrew Lord, Senior Manager of Optical Research, BT

Andrew joined BT in 1985 after a BA in Physics from Oxford University. He has helped design a wide range of optical network systems and technologies, including long haul subsea and terrestrial DWDM networks He currently leads BT’s optical core and access research including optical access, high speed transmission, and Quantum Communications. He was Technical Program Chair for OFC 2015 and General Chair for OFC 2017; he will be TPC Chair of ECOC 2023 in Glasgow. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, is Visiting Professor at Essex University, Senior Member of the IEEE and a BT Distinguished Engineer.

Doug Blue, Business Development – North America, Nokia

Doug Blue has over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, and business development, almost exclusively focused on fiber-to-the-home technologies and outside-plant infrastructure. Doug currently leads Business Development activities within North America for Nokia’s Fixed Networks.

Before joining Nokia, Doug held the Director of Field Marketing position at Calix, where he was responsible for developing and executing go-to-market activities for the cable market segment.   Doug also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlantic Engineering Group, where he assisted municipalities and electrical cooperatives with developing Gigabit FTTH business plans and the design and construction of their network.  Doug has also held positions with CommScope, Alloptic, and OFS and started his career with Alcatel’s optical fiber division.

Doug is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and possesses a bachelor’s degree from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA.  Doug currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with his two children Ava, age 16, and Drake, 12.