ADVA launches market’s first 25G demarcation product

Created August 25, 2021
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ADVA has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first Layer 2 demarcation device that offers an easy route to 25Gbps connectivity services, dubbed the FSP 150-XJ128. The company says the device is specifically designed to enable enterprise networks to expand in an easy and cost-effective way, instead of juggling their 10Gbps devices or making the expensive leap to 100Gbps. The FSP 150-XJ128 enables them to address soaring data demand without using complex modulation techniques or undergoing a costly footprint increase. The device slots into existing network infrastructure and delivers 2.5x the bandwidth at a lower cost per bit.

ADVA says the FSP 150-XJ128 is ideal for 5G sites moving to 25Gbps and is the perfect choice for preparing cable networks for DOCSIS 4.0 and above. The compact device supports 25Gbps Ethernet services with sophisticated OAM capabilities. Optimised for cost-sensitive high-bandwidth edge applications, the ADVA FSP 150-XJ128 features fanless operation and an extended temperature range, removing the need for expensive air-conditioning. With its hardware-assisted synchronisation features, it also meets the most stringent timing requirements. Managed by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller and Ensemble Packet Director, the FSP 150-XJ128 gives operations teams the power of intuitive and comprehensive network control.

“Our FSP 150-XJ128 is the technology that businesses have been calling for. It empowers them to take the natural next step with zero hassle and without unnecessary expense.” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA. “For many enterprises, trying to manage rapidly rising bandwidth needs using 10Gbps demarcation devices has become a real headache. Yet it doesn’t make economic sense to overhaul their entire system and go all the way to 100Gbps. What we’re providing is the ideal stepping stone for secure business growth.” He added, “Until today, there was no middle ground. Now, businesses can slot our FSP 150-XJ128 into their existing network infrastructure and seize new revenue opportunities.”

“What we’re offering businesses is a solution that hits the sweet spot. It enables enterprise networks to handle significantly more workloads and data-hungry applications without major investment or increased complexity. Now there’s a way to meet the bandwidth needs of 5G and cloud computing without complex modulation techniques or breaking the bank,” commented Eli Angel, VP, product line management, ADVA. “As we’ve shown in several customer demos, our simple plug-and-play FSP 150-XJ128 delivers 2.5x the bandwidth in an instant. What’s more, it provides the Layer 2 demarcation and synchronisation capabilities that enterprise networks require. Today’s launch marks the start of a new era of 25Gbps connectivity and a whole new world of opportunity for businesses.”

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