Ensure’s Rockstar Product: PLC Splitters

Created August 31, 2021
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Ensure, together with our parent company HH Group, has succeeded in delivering premium connectivity solutions since 2002. Our featured rockstar, PLC splitters, are best known in the market for premium performance and manufacture. We guarantee optimum quality, manufacturing our own PLC chips, wafers, fiber arrays, and ferrules, controlling the entire production chain. Our PLC splitters can be crafted with various band-passes, splitting ratios, fiber types and connector/packaging options. Main features include: Smart design, low IL, PDL, superior reliability, wide operating wavelength and temperature. Main applications include: FITH, LAN/WLAN, PON, CATV, and other fiber systems. As for Ensure’s splitter types, we offer: cassette, bare-fiber, tray, mini, modular, and rack-mounted.
To maintain our premium reputation, not only do our PLC splitter technologies meet Telecordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 standards, but every splitter is tested prior to shipment, with the strictest quality control procedures using calibrated test equipment. We can design and customize AD-HOC and special requirements at our labs or R&D department, plus design OEM packaging, overseeing every important detail, meanwhile safeguarding a sustainable future with Ensure’s eco-friendly packaging. You can upgrade our splitters with our Grade B patch cord; securing superior performance and huge capacity manufacturing. Many of our clients have taken this step, advancing their networks exponentially! Ensure also offers a wide range of high performing WDM products to cater for whichever features and applications you require.
With reputable products trusted by world-renowned telecom companies from Vodafone to Telefonica, plus decades of experience in the photonics market, you can trust Ensure.
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