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Optical Connections Summer Edition – out now!

Welcome to the Summer edition of Optical Connections, available to read online here.

In the run up to ANGA COM, we’ve got a very wide range of topics, from AI in PICs to the advantages of deploying third-party optical components. We kick off however with Michel Lebby’s musings over what the legendary code-breaker and mathematician Alan Turning would think of current developments in computing and communications. Speaking of new developments, veteran journalist John Williamson takes a look at how AI is influencing breakthroughs in PIC design. Another rapidly evolving technology is PON, and Katia Safonova charts the its recent evolution. In addition, regular contributor Antony Savvas explains how QKD is gaining ground in telecoms networks, while George Ashwin extolls the virtues of using third-party components to maximise capital outlay and circumvent vendor lock-in.
As more people work from home, remote bank branches are being closed, and the increasing popularity of online sales, rural broadband availability has never been more important. John Tarleton looks at ways of speeding up rural provision of what he argues is an essential public utility. While much of Europe and North America has hitherto relied on coax networks for broadband and television services, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas H. Ritz, explains the very different challenges that cable switch-off presents.
With the latest industry news and products, and a round-up of Optical Connections’ TOP Conference, OFC, and a look forward to ANGA COM, I hope you find the features interesting and thought-provoking.

Peter Dykes

Optical Connections

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