Survey reveals WFH parents’ broadband battles

Created February 15, 2021
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Proof, were it needed that inadequate broadband is creating social and domestic tensions, was provided by a survey of UK parents in early February 2021. The survey of 2,000 parents, commissioned by Bath, UK-based full fibre infrastructure provider Truespeed, revealed that three quarters of parents have argued over broadband as they attempt to work from home while ensuring their children attend online classes.

According to the survey conducted by OnePoll, two-thirds (67%) of parents said they needed fast broadband connectivity because they work from home, but only around a third (36%) had a reliable home broadband connection, and almost half (46%) experienced broadband problems at least once a week. 24% of respondents reported video calls shuddering, freezing or even dropping out entirely, while 16% have even struggled to get their broadband to cooperate when sending an email, according to the survey.

Against this backdrop, it’s unsurprising that a fifth of parents have faced arguments after asking their children to stop using the broadband to free up enough bandwidth for them to attend a work video call. Or that four in 10 families now have more rows about internet use than about what to watch on TV. With the typical household juggling nine connected devices at once, clogging up the broadband was found to be the top gripe (23%). Others have argued because someone tried to download a big file, making the internet slow for everyone else (13%).

Evan Wienburg, CEO of Truespeed, said, “Struggling with sub-standard broadband is a big challenge for parents up and down the country juggling working from home with their kids’ online schooling. Everyone wants a piece of the broadband action so it’s hardly surprising that unreliable connectivity and bandwidth issues are causing family rows. Our survey underlines the urgent need for WFH parents to be able to choose an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband service that can handle whatever their family throws at it.”

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by Peter Dykes

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