New TM1200 blade from ECI promises programmable, adaptive optical networks

Created December 19, 2018
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Network infrastructure provider ECI has launched the TM1200, a 1.2T blade (dual 600G channel) which allows for a programmable, adaptive optical network. The TM1200 delivers spectral efficiency and elasticity through software-controllable continuous modulation. It also maximises capacity in a granular manner to best match client needs and variable channel conditions.

ECI points out that traditionally, line-side modulation was only programmable in large increments – such as 100G, 200G or 400G – often relying on different line cards. The TM1200 however delivers software-controlled continuous modulation in 50 Gbps increments up to 600 Gbps line rate, rather than supporting specific modulation schemes. Therefore, the optimal modulation scheme and transmission rate can be adjusted, and the sweet spot for maximising line rates discovered for any given optical route or set of channel conditions.

The programmable-adaptive optical network approach enables optimal returns on fibre CapEx investments by maximising bandwidth capacity from the underlying fibre optic network. It can be applied to upgrade brownfield deployments with fixed 50G/100G ITU spacing, and also to optimise greenfield deployments that have a mix of fixed and flexible spectrum channel spacing. By operating at the edge of the Shannon limit, the TM1200 squeezes the maximum capacity from each channel on a fibre, delaying the need to add new fibre and optical networking infrastructure.

Working in conjunction with ECI’s colourless, directionless, contentionless, flexible spectrum ROADMs and client services aware SDN control, the TM1200 can continuously optimise client traffic to fibre capacity. Excess capacity can be allocated dynamically to fully or partially restore client services that are disrupted by fibre or equipment failures elsewhere in the network. At a 600 Gbps line rate, the ECI TM1200 has a 10-fold improvement in power efficiency compared to other solutions, consuming less than 0.18W per Gbps, fully populated.

“Optical networks are evolving to be intelligent, agile and self-adjusting, and play an integral role in building the necessary infrastructure to handle the increased demand on global networks. Service providers are looking for networking solutions that can be acutely responsive to evolving customer demands and fluctuating business needs – beyond what they can predict,” said Jimmy Mizrahi, executive vice president, Global Portfolio at ECI. “The TM1200 is a cutting-edge system for the new age of networking, and represents ECI’s continued efforts to deliver optimal solutions for today and tomorrow.”

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