ECI adds Lightaction network automation to its Lightapps range of SDN apps

Created April 27, 2016
Technologies and Products

ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, utilities and data centre operators, has added the LightACTION network automation app to its LightAPPS family of SDN applications. LightAPPS, as well as the entire SmartLIGHTTM portfolio, are cornerstones of ECI’s ELASTIC Network vision to enable customers to scale and operate more efficiently by using open, secure and vendor agnostic technology.

“LightACTION network automation is yet another useful application that provides customers SDN benefits today, over their current installed base. Customer investment is secured, and, like all LightAPPS, LightACTION will also be fully portable to the SDN networks of the future. The first release is available immediately for purchase through ECI’s sales personnel and partners,” said Gali Malkiel, Head of Software and SDN Applications Line of Business at ECI.

LightACTION intuitively automates the workflow of common network operations tasks, many of which are still executed manually. This not only gives customers better control of the network, it simplifies processes and reduces the chance of human error. By automating services, LightACTION enhances, optimises and expands network performance as well as improves the cost efficiency and time effectiveness in the network operation centre (NOC). ECI estimates that the implementation of LightACTION can save at least 20-30% of time spent doing routine tasks like fixing problems or implementing services.

In fact, says the company, LightACTION’s different approach affords customers the ability to tailor the automation of both day-to-day and new tasks by answering three short questions: What is the action? When shall it be applied? And where shall it be applied? Actions can be executed manually or automatically as well as triggered by an event or alarm.

Some examples of LightACTION’s automated tasks include:  automatic Service Migration: Customers who have upgraded certain parts of their network from 1G/10G interfaces to 10G/100G can automatically migrate services from one to another to better balance surges in data traffic; removing unused resources: the network can be set to identify unused services within the network and automatically remove these from the network thereby improving quality of service; and mass operations: Such as moving network elements, shifting service endpoints or running CLIs.

Malkiel continued, “LightACTION is a visual tool to build and execute macros for provisioning, troubleshooting, and commissioning. LightACTION comes with a rich set of pre- defined actions yet is fully configurable to adapt to customer needs. With no programming skills required, this GUI-based tool enables network operators to define event-triggered actions. Since it is ‘open’, any script or program can be used as an action. Moreover, in the future, customers will be able to create their own actions and building blocks. Considering the number of use cases and the combination of events, actions and targets, the possibilities are endless.”