A2D Partners with ECI to Improve Connectivity in Distressed U.S. Communities

Created April 19, 2018
A2D Partners with ECI to Improve Connectivity in Distressed U.S. CommunitiesNews and Business

A2D, an open access U.S.-based CLEC and network solutions provider ECI have partnered to implement service provider neutral fibre networks within distressed areas of the U.S. to improve connectivity, stimulate economic development and improve social services via telehealth, distance learning, workforce training and smart utility access.

A2D, which is currently building a terabit, open access fibre network in Georgia, will utilise ECI solutions to build and operate private networks for school districts, city governments and municipal government authorities such as water works and transportation systems. ECI’s Apollo family of optical transport and switching platforms and the Neptune line of packet systems with integrated optics will be managed by ECI’s network management system.

“We have worked with A2D over the last year to develop and supply integrated co-solutions that address underserved community needs in a cost-effective, yet robust way,” said Jeff Parow, VP Sales North America at ECI. “A2D’s solutions in education, government and other demanding markets benefit from always-on, robust and efficient solutions. The partnership has been extremely successful and we look forward to seeing our work with A2D have lasting impacts on both rural and urban communities.”

For more information, visit  www.ecommunitynetworks.org.


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