Oz Optics debuts compact spectrometer

Created November 23, 2022
Technologies and Products

OZ Optics Limited, a supplier of fibre optic-based products and instruments, has launched a compact handheld optical spectrometer for ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared measurements. The design features a transmission grating for maximum sensitivity and a higher signal to noise ratio compared to similar products on the market that use a reflection style grating. The device communicates with any windows-based computer through a USB interface and is controlled using an intuitive interface.

Complimenting this product, OZ Optics offers a variety of accessories and tools, including fibre optic patch cords, collimators and focusers for light collection, fibre optic sources at a variety of wavelengths, fibre U-bracket assemblies for sample transmission and emission testing, and fixed or removable short pass, long pass and bandpass filters. All of these products can be customised, making OZ Optics a one-stop source for spectroscopy requirements.

For more information, visit www.ozoptics.com


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