OFC: Orange demo’s 400G pluggables interoperability

Created March 11, 2022
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In cooperation with its partners, Orange has demonstrated multi-vendor interoperability of 400 Gbps optical modules over several network segments. The results were presented in a post-deadline session at OFC. The trial was performed at the Orange Labs on a link composed of 3 interconnected segments: a metropolitan link of 125 km with an optical module from NeoPhotonics on one end and a module from Acacia Communications on the other end, both compliant with the 400-ZR OIF standard; a national link of 800 km with an optical module from Acacia Communications on one end and a module from Lumentum on the other end, both compliant with OpenROADM specifications; and an intra-site link of 2 km with optical modules compliant with IEEE standards.

Overall, a 400 Gbps Ethernet service has been set up end-to-end and successfully evaluated with the support of EXFO including 400G test-sets, with all optical equipment being pluggable modules, enabling low energy consumption and high port density due to their small form factor.

“Thanks to this trial, we have demonstrated that interoperability in optical transmission is now ready for large scale deployment. This will bring greater flexibility in the design and optimisation of the Orange optical networks that span over close to 1 million km,“ said Gilles Bourdon, VP wireline networks and infrastructure, Orange.

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