Vert speeds up FTTH/P rollout with new compressor

Created August 2, 2021
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Compressed air technology manufacturer Vert Technologies, has launched the A200 mobile compressor, aimed at speeding up blown fibre installations. Able to deliver 11 bar of pulse-free air pressure at 100% duty, the A200 has been designed as a lightweight and compact (L800mm x W380mm x H400mm) alternative to traditional petrol and generator-powered compressors.

The new compressor provides logistical benefits to FTTH/P installers when working in multi-dwelling residential units (MDU’s) and commercial office blocks. Powered by a standard 240V plug, the 2kW A200 provides installers with reliable, pulse-free air flow up to 11 bar (174psi) with a maximum airflow of 200lpm.

Vert says that unlike many other ‘plug and play’ mobile compressors, the A200 is able to run continuously at 100% duty removing the need for periodic downtime for cooling and also to prevent air gapping from occurring during the cable installation process. Its low operating noise level of 62dBA also ensures minimal disturbance to nearby residents or workers.

Nicol Low, COO at Vert Technologies, comments: “With ambitious plans afoot to replace the UK’s aging copper-based communication network with nationwide fibre broadband, there remains significant inefficiencies with the traditional methods of installing fibre optic cables to multiple dwelling units (MDU) and domestic properties. To date, installers have often had to make a compromise when it comes to compressor choice: prioritising flow at the expense of mobility and noise by using petrol-powered compressors able to deliver 100% duty, or use low-duty mobile compressors which offer easier logistics but are prone to air gapping and in need of regular replacement. We have created the A200 with a view to removing this compromise, and providing FTTH/MDU installers with a quick, quiet and efficient solution to their air compression conundrum.”

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