Acacia’s Comprehensive Coherent Pluggable Portfolio

Created August 31, 2021
Technologies and Products

Leveraging its 3D Siliconization approach, which utilizes high-volume manufacturing processes and Acacia’s mature silicon photonics technology, Acacia offers a complete portfolio of coherent pluggable solutions for network operators to address increasing bandwidth demand.
400G Solutions for DCI, Access Aggregation, Metro, and Long-Haul Applications This portfolio features an expansive list of interoperability modes (400ZR, OpenZR+, Open ROADM MSA and CableLabs Coherent Optics Physical Layer Specification), and is offered in QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP2 form factors.

100G Solutions for Edge and Access
With 5G and edge computing roll outs, the time is right for coherent optics to take the next step and migrate to service provider edge and access network applications. This market can benefit from the scalability, operational simplicity and improved total cost of ownership that coherent has to offer.
• For 5G wireless and enterprise services, the 100G coherent dedicated point-to-point pluggable in the QSFP-DD form factor enables operators to scale to higher data rates to meet growing bandwidth demands over unamplified links up to 120km.
• For cable and 5G wireless X-haul applications, the coherent bi-directional pluggable optical module in CFP2 form factor is designed to transmit and receive data in both directions on a single fiber for 100G+.
• For cable/fiber deep and 5G Wireless X-haul applications, the 100G coherent DWDM module in QSFP-DD form factor provides a scalable upgrade path to migrate from 10G to 100G links.
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