Hawe, WINGAS set date for border crossing

Created May 24, 2021
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GAZPROM Germania subsidiary WINGAS has set June 2021 for putting the border section of its fibre optic network into service on the northern part of the Polish – German border. The section to be built by WINGAS is 40 km long, will be laid on German territory in the area of the Kołbaskowo-Pomellen border crossing and will connect with Hawe Telekom’s network. Planning was finalised in 2020 and laying started at the beginning of 2021. The new optical fibre section will compliment WINGAS` around 8,000 km optical fibre grid in Germany.

Thomas Böhlert, Head of Marketing Assets WINGAS, said, “Our investment in the area of border crossing with Poland stems from analysing and addressing the expectations of WINGAS clients and partners.  Given the continuously growing interest in establishment of the shortest way to serve the East-West direction, we decided to build such section of our network that will ensure data traffic of unparallel competitiveness in terms of delays. I deeply believe that this investment will meet the needs of our clients from Germany and Poland, as well as other European Countries and Russia.”

The company says this interconnection will bring the new opportunities for shorter transmission links e.g. between Gdansk and Hamburg or Frankfurt am Main, Vilnius and Amsterdam and Poznan – Copenhagen. At present, Hawe Telekom holds nearly 4000 km of fibre optic network forming the two rings that surround the territory of Poland. Interconnecting with WINGAS network will give new options for intensified use of the northern part of the network and allow for organising more efficient data transmission routes.

“Cooperation with international partners and customers is one of the underlying pillars of our strategy. We wish to increase our share in constructing the networks connecting Europe and Asia with a focus on the lowest delays. That is why I am so excited that WINGAS also recognizes this potential and has decided to build the interconnection in Kołbaskowo,” says Przemysław Gągała, international sales director at Hawe Telekom.

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