CommScope’s Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY ready for deployment

Created May 6, 2021
Product Focus

CommScope says its RD2322 Remote MACPHY (RxD) device, supporting both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY operation, is ready for field deployment and available to order. The device is a solution for operators looking for flexibility to transition from Remote PHY (R-PHY) to Remote MACPHY as they upgrade their hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) networks to Distributed Access Architecture portfolio (DAA).

The company says the RD2322 RxD enables operators to improve headend density and power efficiency by moving PHY layer functionality from headend or hub to the fibre optic node. device moves both the PHY and MACPHY layer functions out of the headend or hub to a fibre optic node.

Commscope claims that by using the RD2322 RxD to place the digital-to-RF interface at the optical-to-coax boundary, operators can achieve increased bandwidth capacity and improved fibre efficiencies, simplify plant operations, decrease loads on headend facility space and power systems, and align their networks with the systems of the future.

“The RD2322 RxD showcases CommScope’s leadership in DAA with unique, all-in-one distributed CMTS solution for both PHY and MACPHY,” said Morgan Kurk, senior vice president and segment leader, Broadband Networks, CommScope. “With the device’s availability for field deployment, we’re giving operators the ability to take advantage of DAA’s benefits today, while offering unprecedented flexibility for their transition from Remote PHY to Remote MACPHY in the future.”

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