Teleste at Anga Com: OpenRPD initiative drives smooth migration to future cable nets

Created June 12, 2017
Applications and Research

The Remote PHY technology specified by CableLabs allows deployment of distributed DOCSIS architectures in HFC networks. It will offer operators a way to increase capacity and extend usefulness of their coax networks to answer the growing data transmission needs.

The cable industry is going through a rapid change, as operators are searching for solutions to provide consumers with more and more network capacity and services which enable smooth and reliable online use of versatile video and TV content. In the European setting alone, this means that Gigabit-level broadband connections should be available for tens of millions of subscribers within the coming years.

Expanding cable network capacities, the Remote PHY technology specified by CableLabs allows cable operators to take several migration paths to future broadband services. In 2016, an open source software development was announced by CableLabs and Cisco, to promote interoperability of the Remote PHY technology and shorten time to market with new devices.

Open source solutions ‘are welcome’
Teleste said it welcomes open source developments for cable access and regards the OpenRPD to be “an excellent step towards future broadband services”. With previous DOCSIS generations, open specifications and interoperability have proven to be a very successful method for both operators and vendors, and they will continue to drive the realisation of Remote PHY solutions and extend the usefulness of cable networks.

Hanno Narjus, SVP of Network Products for Teleste, commented, “We are confident that the roll-out of next generation broadband services will be significantly sped up by interoperability. We welcome all initiatives that support competition and openness, to ensure the best solutions for cable operators and excellent next generation broadband services for consumers.”

The OpenRPD allows vendors to build Remote PHY devices without dependencies and ensures the interoperability of devices in future network architectures. Teleste aims at staying at the forefront of the development with a focus on standards-based RPD technologies.

“Cisco is pleased to see Teleste participating in the OpenRPD development and interoperability testing. Teleste’s strong position in the European cable industry enables fast roll out of next generation broadband networks”, stated Daniel Etman, Director Product Marketing, Cable Access, Cisco.

In May 2017, Teleste launched its first Open RPD specification-based node. Combining its intelligent HFC technologies with Remote PHY capabilities, this smart node, called the AC9100 NEO, can be turned into a Remote PHY device by simply replacing the cover when distributed network solutions are needed.


This article was written
by Matthew Peach

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