FOLAN debuts new multi-tray plastic patch panels

Created May 26, 2020
Technologies and Products

FOLAN has launched a new range of pivoting optical patch panels, designed entirely in plastic and dedicated to FTTH deployment. Designed to guarantee quick and easy installation, the plastic patch panels are equipped with a pre-positioning system and a clip for fixing the patch panel without cage nuts in less than 40 seconds.

The design allows for simple and intuitive implementation and fast subscriber connection, and tips for maintenance have been integrated to facilitate reoperation.

FOLAN says the new panels have the following advantages:

  • High density from 48 to 144 SC/APC on 1U to 3U
  • Reversible right or left pivot
  • Zero cage nuts + only 2 screws for securing
  • No rust, no corrosion
  • Very light
  • Easy maintenance

FOLAN specialises in fibre optics and its main goal is to design, develop and manufacture economical, efficient and innovative telecom and network infrastructure equipment. The company’s solutions meet the requirements of FTTx networks and can be adapted to the needs of customers. All FOLAN products are CE and ISO 9001 certified and comply with ROHS and REACH standards.

FOLAN also holds several patents including a 12 splice splicing tray and a self-protected adapter for optical termination.

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by Peter Dykes

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