Netcracker debuts fibre IT Solution

Created November 3, 2022
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OSS/BSS company Netcracker Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has launched its Netcracker Fiber Cloud Solution to equip wholesale fibre operators with a lean and open IT environment focused on agility, efficiency and business growth. The solution, part of the broader Netcracker Cloud Solutions for NetCos and ServCos, automates all aspects of the fibre business across multivendor access networks, from planning and design to roll-out, service provisioning, wholesale customer onboarding, settlements and problem solving. With an Open API integration layer, the solution helps fibre Operators to accelerate wholesale customer adoption and react quickly to customer needs, thereby facilitating rapid business growth.

Netcracker Fiber Cloud Solution provides an open and automated IT environment by combining cloud-native OSS and wholesale BSS functions into an optimised pre-integrated solution that specifically addresses the fibre market. Netcracker’s vast experience brings an extensive library of devices, models, integration adapters and out-of-the-box automation processes. These value-added assets, together with Netcracker’s expert delivery, DevOps enablement and managed services, eliminate the time, cost and complexity of launching and running modern fibre operations.

Integral to the solution is a wholesale open integration layer to simplify interactions with external ServCos. Leveraging open APIs, including those from TM Forum and country-defined specifications, customer interactions such as requests for serviceability and feasibility checks, service initiation, service upgrades and other service lifecycle management and assurance requests, are fully unified and automated, enabling fibre Operators to react quickly to their customers’ requirements.

The company says FTTH is the core foundation needed to achieve a gigabit society, in which data rates of 1 Gbps or more will transform businesses and societies with improved healthcare, safer cities and better education, among other benefits. To meet gigabit national and regional goals, fibre operators need a modern IT environment that will accelerate fibre deployments, increase responsiveness to wholesale customer requirements and drive significant operational efficiency.

“Both new and established fibre Operators need to rapidly scale their businesses to accommodate the increased market demand for full fibre access, which is our focus with Netcracker fibre Cloud Solution,” said Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker. “We can get the new IT solution up and running quickly and create a differentiating open environment for wholesale operators and partners to achieve business success.”

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