Tektronix, Coherent Solutions partner for integrated optical comms platforms

Created March 17, 2020
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Tektronix and Coherent Solutions have announced an exclusive partnership agreement to provide fully-integrated optical communications platforms to new and existing customers in support of the growing global demand for communications across the telecom, datacom, defence/aerospace and semiconductor markets.

“Tektronix and Coherent Solutions are strongly committed to providing industry-leading test and measurement solutions for high-bandwidth optical communications,” said Amy Taylor, general manager of performance solution at Tektronix. “When coupled, Coherent Solutions IQTransmitter™ products and Tektronix AWG products create a complete optical communications platform.”

Together, the two companies will provide fully-integrated Optical Modulation Analyser (OMA) systems, using Tektronix’s DPO70000SX/DX oscilloscopes and Coherent Solutions IQReceivers™. Capabilities of this platform include the generation of coherently modulated signals such as 64QAM to address the high-speed communications market. Complex optical modulation is a critical development path for engineers who are looking for test and measurement systems to support product roll-out for 400G/800G and transmission rates of up to 1TB/s. Tektronix oscilloscopes integrated with Coherent Solutions DSPs™ will pave the way for engineers to develop coherent transceivers in an efficient process that is both compliant to the current standards and enables them to conduct advanced research beyond the standards.

Andy Stevens, CEO of Coherent Solutions (pictured) says, “We’ve seen a surge of interest in OMA systems as engineers look to keep up with developments in high-speed optical technologies and also deploying coherent technology in new areas. It’s the perfect time for our companies to align our expertise, and we’re confident the partnership will bring significant benefits to our customers and the wider optical communication industry over the next few years.”

For more information, visit www.coherent-solutions.com.


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by Peter Dykes

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