HellermannTyton’s End to End Fibre Network Solutions

Created December 18, 2019
Product Focus

HellermannTyton provides a complete end to end range of Fibre to the X (FTTX) solutions, delivering flexible fibre connectivity across every stage of the last mile network.

The comprehensive range of street cabinets, fibre splice closures, MDU enclosures, customer connection points and wall outlets, delivering fibre to the home in both underground or over-ground (aerial) applications.

The FTTX last mile product range from HellermannTyton offers quality connectivity at every stage of the network from the central office all the way to the inside of a property where the fibre connects to a router. Starting with a street cabinet or the larger UFC fibre splice closure where the fibre cables are at their highest density, they are then routed along the network to the next phase of connectivity.

There is no set design for a fibre network which means different operators have very different fibre requirements at the various stages of the network. HellermannTyton have committed a large amount of research and resource  into developing a range of products that offer the best fibre connectivity at each of these stages.

Inside the building there is the new MDU series which currently offers 3 different enclosures; the S5 being the largest presenting up to 432 managed fibre splices, down to the S1 with 8 dedicated customer fibre connections. Looking at individual properties you then have the CCE or the CCP which takes the fibre from outside the property or house inside and connecting to the FWO which then takes the fibre to the router or other active hardware.

Outside the building there is also a range of IP rated enclosures that manage fibre from the street to the property. The AFN offers up to 24 connectorised fibres and the FFE a slightly small enclosure offers 8 fibre connections.

For more information on any of these products please come and see HellermannTyton at FTTH Berlin 2020 or visit www.htdata.co.uk


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by Peter Dykes

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