Two multi-fibre test sets from EXFO

Created May 9, 2023
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EXFO has launched two new test sets for testing high-volume fibres in optical networks, delivering what the company claims is the fastest multi-fibre push-on (MPO) certification capability in the industry.

Apart from the new PXM and LXM optical loss test set (OLTS) which support multimode fibres, EXFO has added new certification features to its current PXM/LXM OLTS. These solutions are optimised for data centres and enterprise networks, which require certification based on industry standards of numerous single mode or multimode links.

EXFO’s PXM now provides length measurement for both single and multimode fibres with on-board pass/fail diagnosis based on cabling and network application standards. It also includes the FasTesT feature, which provides loss per channel at the 2 selected wavelengths, as well as determining the length and polarity type of the link under test once continuity is detected. The LXM includes a fibre tracing feature that utilises a visual fault locator (VFL) on the same port as the MPO source itself, which helps technicians on the other end find the MPO port to which they need to connect the PXM. The VFL also makes it easy to locate macrobends or breaks in the fibre.

Other features include a hybrid contactless connector (PXM) that can accommodate both APC and UPC connectors, thus supporting multimode and single mode link testing; standard three-year calibration interval and  a three-year warranty to help reduce costs related to factory returns and downtime; integrated high quality capacitive colour touchscreens designed to be visible in full sun or dark areas, from any angle.

“Testing a high volume of fibres is extremely time-consuming and represents a big challenge for technicians and contractors,” said Sophie Legault, director Test and Measurement Network Deployment and Operations at EXFO. “With the PXM/LXM certification solution, we’ve combined the fastest loss measurement in the industry with an on-board analysis based on nearly 20 key industry standards, meeting our customer requirements to save time while doing the job right the first time.”

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