Yamaichi develops first OSFP-VLC platform

Created January 6, 2023
Technologies and Products

Yamaichi Electronics has developed OSFP-VLC, a vertical version of the OSFP connector that is compatible with the VLC platform presented by Nubis Communications at ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. VLC is an architecture that was recently proposed to the industry. It allows higher transmission speed with higher density by a vertical line card which is mounting vertical I/O connectors and ASIC side by side to shorten the signal trace distance to within 3 to 4 inches, all while taking advantage of the existing mature module, board assembly process and signal transmission technology currently on the market. Yamaichi says that as the PCB line length can be shortened in comparison to the conventional Horizontal Line Card solution (HLC), achieving 112G transmission speeds.

Target applications for the OSFP-VLC include server, router and switches for data centres, optical transceiver devices and supercomputers

For more information, visit www.yamaichi.eu


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