MDB Series Is Coming

Created October 19, 2022
Product Focus

Durable Solutions for Your Networks with IP65 & IK10

Deploying and maintaining your fiber infrastructure needs to be a routine not a challenge – Easier, Faster and Cost Effective. Therefore Micos Telcom – PLP have designed the brand-new Fiber Optic Boxes MDB to simplify deployment, maintenance and control your costs.
The boxes can be configured to address a wide range of fiber optic splice and/or connectivity applications for PON, GPON and 5G networks.

The engineered design provides IP65 protection from water / dust ingress and IK10 impact resistance to keep your critical network connections safe inside.

The “Rock Solid” boxes provide the ideal splicing solution for multi dwelling unit fiber distribution points or outdoor pole mounted splice applications. The boxes can incorporate various fiber organizers inside, including the highly flexible FibeRoad™ System.

The MDB Series includes 3 sizes – MDB M, MDB S and MDB XS.

Capacity of Splices1449648
Capacity of Connectors48× SC / 96× LC24× SC / 48× LC16× SC / 32× LC
Dimensions (H × W × D)427 × 290 × 132 mm295 × 187 × 106 mm252 × 150 × 85 mm


Other MDB Series Benefits

  • Removable internal fiber management chassis to enable maximum access
  • Support for ribbon fibers
  • Support for midspan (loop-through) cable deployments (via an express port)
  • Grommet system for cables with diameters 1.8–13 mm

Increased Durability

There is a growing demand from operators for boxes with increased durability. Almost 50 % of the customers now find IP54 protection unsatisfactory and require better durability and resistance.

Micos Telcom – PLP see two reasons why. First, it is the climate change connected with the unpredictable weather, which is changing and thus affecting our branch and raising the requirements for the passive elements such as Fiber Optic Boxes. The other factor is a number of products that certainly do not achieve the stated protection and quality, which makes the operators require increased durability automatically.

MDB as FTTA/5G Boxes

Increased durability and easy configurability make the boxes suitable for the mobile networks with FTTA and 5G solutions. The clips make closing the boxes in the heights easy and the Grommet System brings new options and easy customization according to the operators’ requirements. You can find other details about the RRH (Remote Radio Heads) connection options using the MDB boxes at

Grommet System in MDB Series

The boxes are designed for the Grommet System enabling fast adaptations of the boxes for the cables used in the network without increasing the production costs.

Key Benefits

  • Each grommet can be cut, which makes them compatible with untrimmed cables or connectors without affecting the IP65 protection.
  • The grommets can be comfortably replaced or gradually added.
  • The number of grommet inputs is above standard with IP65 protection.
  • The grommet set also includes the equipment for fixing the cables in the box.

You can find more information about the MDB Series at

FibeRoad™ Not Only in MDB

Why did Micos Telcom – PLP design the FibeRoadTM  – system for fiber management? Because the customers’ requirements are so different that there are very few fiber organizers that meet all of them. But the FibeRoadTM can do everything. The customers often do not know what they will need. That is why the key benefits include the variable capacity, which enables adding the management segments into a classic stacking system that can also be used in a cascading tray solution necessary for shallow boxes. The splice trays are suitable for all kinds of applications and their family is still growing. The KM 4, KM 5, KM 6, KM 7 and KM 9 trays can be mixed within one box as required.

A basic part is the organizer, which can also be used as a cable splitter. This replaces the prolonged and complicated process of putting fibers into protected microtubes like in many module solutions, because the fibers pass directly through the organizer into the module. There is also a space for splitters and unused fibers.

The tray holders are clipped onto the input organizer forming fiber ducts compatible also with ribbon fibers or 900μm fibers. The segments clipped into each other enable all ways of cable routing as required by the situation:

  • from the bottom up,
  • from the top down,
  • between the trays both up and down,
  • from one side to the other one under each tray or
  • to exit the organizer through a hole in each segment.

The FibeRoadTM can be used in all types of networks. You can explore this best solution for FTTx at