MSAR taps Ciena for network upgrade

Created June 20, 2022
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Malaysian infrastructure provider MSA Resources (MSAR), has selected Ciena to help build its Digital Super Highway network across the Malaysian peninsular. MSAR will leverage Ciena’s 6500, WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) coherent optics, and Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller to reach data transmission speeds of 800Gbps line rate and total network capacity of 33.6Tbps per fibre pair.

Together with solutions integrator CommVerge Solutions, MSAR is set to deploy Ciena’s WL5e programmable 800G transponder platform, enabling the transfer of large amounts of data over a resilient and software configurable network. The plan is to improve network performance and bring economic benefits by doubling wavelength capacity and halving space or power requirements. Ciena’s MCP domain controller can also provide MSAR with analytical insights to optimise network performance, automatically enhancing the digital experience for consumers at any time, even during peak periods.

With more than two decades of experience in the telecommunications sector in Malaysia, MSAR says it is building the foundation for the implementation of 5G, as well as connecting key data centres, submarine cable landing stations and international borders through its fibre optic networks.

“Ciena’s coherent optical technology will bring unparalleled capacity, enabling the fastest transfer of data across the network. The Digital Super Highway Network will serve as a platform for the adoption of future technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart highways, 5G and more,” said Saiful Husni Samak, managing director, MSAR. “We are very confident in our ability to address the needs of global hyperscalers, when our network can easily scale up to 800 Gbps and beyond with Ciena’s technology. We are set to deliver high quality services to cater to the growing demand, not just in Malaysia but also regionally. This game-changing offering will also be attractive to over-the-top players and international carriers.”

“The ability to power record-breaking capacities across long distances will help MSAR rapidly increase the reach of its network to more users and differentiate its service offerings,” said Dion Leung, Regional Managing Director, Ciena ASEAN. “We are creating a more robust and adaptive network that helps MSAR to unleash the limitless potential of digital connectivity in Malaysia.”

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by Peter Dykes

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