NL-ix taps Nokia for optical transport network

Created September 14, 2021
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Nokia is to upgrade Europe’s largest distributed internet exchange for NL-ix, to provide metro access and backbone transport for all NL-ix customer traffic across Europe. Nokia will supply its optical transport solutions to provide a new optical layer over NL-ix’s meshed interconnection fabric to enable capacity growth link scaling. The new network will support client services from 1Gps to 400 Gbps. NL-ix will also benefit from reduced operating expenses and optimized capital expenditures through simplified and streamlined end-to-end service operations.

Jan Paul Dekker, CTO at NL-ix, said, “This strategic partnership with Nokia highlights NL-ix’s commitment to delivering even higher capacity pan-European optical links between our POPs in the Netherlands and beyond. The modularity of Nokia’s next-generation optical transport solutions enables us to adapt and respond quickly to market demand and provide an even better quality of service and connectivity experiences for our customers. Nokia is a proven and trusted partner and is our preferred choice to transform our European optical backbone network.”

Mark Vanderhaegen, director of Webscale Accounts at Nokia, said, “NL-ix is growing fast and attracting new members to become one of the largest internet exchanges in the world. The growth in international interconnection needs of its customers means that NL-ix requires higher capacity links between its European locations. Nokia is proud to have been chosen to provide its market-leading WDM/OTN technology and solutions to upgrade NL-ix’s optical transport network.”

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by Peter Dykes

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