HUBER+SUHNER expands POLATIS optical switch platform

Created March 19, 2020
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The latest addition to the award-winning POLATIS all-optical switch has been designed to provide operators with 50% more capacity than any other solution on the market from leading global supplier of connectivity solutions HUBER+SUHNER.

The POLATIS iSeries 7000 software-defined optical circuit switch platform has a resilient, modular architecture designed for volume manufacture with scalability from 8×8 up to 576×576 non-blocking fibre ports, enabling telecom and data centre operators to remotely connect even more fibres together in a compact form factor.

Extending the company’s leadership in this field, the high-performance, high-density POLATIS optical switch platform will offer maximum connectivity and reliability with exceptionally low optical loss and fast switching speeds for even the most demanding of applications.

“Our POLATIS optical switches bring network automation right down to the fibre layer to save operators time and money when servicing new connection requests or reconfiguring around network incidents,” said Nick Parsons, senior vice president Engineering & Technology at HUBER+SUHNER POLATIS. “With the iSeries concept, we have re-architected the core switch engine to feature resilient, distributed control and a simplified, integrated design that improves both energy efficiency and port density. Based on the 576×576 concept, we expect to roll out the modular iSeries design platform across the whole Polatis portfolio – including the industry-leading 384×384 and 192×192 switch sizes – to meet the increasing demand for dynamic fibre connectivity in our customers’ networks.” He added, “Together with our cloud service provider partners, we are helping to create next-generation energy-efficient network architectures that use optical switching to enable rapid service provisioning and can also dramatically improve data centre utilisation through optical disaggregation of compute, storage and accelerator resources.”

The POLATIS iSeries 7000 optical switches are built on the patented DirectLight® transparent, dark-fibre optical switching platform that has been proven in the most challenging data centre, telecom, defense and test applications for more than a decade.

With support for Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) via embedded NETCONF/YANG interfaces, POLATIS optical switches are 100x more energy-efficient than conventional electronic switching equipment and enable dynamic routing, monitoring, protection and test of real-time traffic directly at the fibre layer with speed-of light data latency, for rapid deployment of new network orchestration solutions.

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by Peter Dykes

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