Optical Communications

Date: 4th May 2022
Time: 13:00 (BST)
– Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera
– Fabio Cavaliere, Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies, Ericsson
– Antonio Tartaglia, System Manager

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Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera – “Pushing Coherent Optics to the Edge”

Coherent C-band transport technology in a mobile context has been limited to backhaul scenarios. 5G and future 6G push bandwidth needs at radio units higher so that network architectures need to move beyond 25G connections. In this networking segment, coherent technologies so far could not prove in. Stefan will discuss how a new breed of subcarrier-based optical aggregation pluggable transceivers is able to change the game.

Antonio Tartaglia and Fabio Cavaliere from Ericsson – “Optimized optical solutions for mobile networks: the battle of the bands”

Mobile transport is a unique segment, conjugating the extreme cost sensitivity of access and some performance requirements typical of metro transport. Up to 25Gb/s per wavelength, we’ve been using the O-band for short reach and fiber abundant scenarios, while we have used the C-band for longer reach and fiber scarce scenarios. Two Ericsson experts exchange their views on the adoption of higher bit rates. Is the rise of 50Gb/s and 100Gb/s going to change the way we use both bands, and how?

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Speaker biographies:

Dr. Stefan Voll, VP Product Management, Infinera

Stefan is responsible for managing Infinera’s portfolio of optical modules and coherent solutions which aims to provide embedded & pluggable optical engines for optical transport applications covering metro edge to subsea. In previous roles, Stefan was responsible for various optical transport systems in Infinera, Coriant, Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens Optical, and has spent several years in sales and R&D roles for optical transport systems.

Fabio Cavaliere, Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies, Ericsson

Fabio Cavaliere is Expert in Photonic Systems and Technologies at Ericsson, where he is responsible for the standardization strategy in optical communications.



Antonio Tartaglia, System Manager 

Antonio Tartaglia is a System Manager and Expert in Photonics at Ericsson, focusing on optical solutions for RAN and RAN transport networks.