Fang Hui

Mr. Fang Hui joined ZTE Corporation in 1998 and is currently general manager of fixed network and multimedia products. He is in full charge of the operation and management of ZTE’s fixed network and multimedia products, including OAN, MSAN, CPE, IPTV, OTT, integrated CDN/cache.
At ZTE, Mr. Fang worked in a variety of positions, such as product R&D, market management, and product operation & management. Prior to becoming general manager of fixed network and multimedia products, he held a number of roles, including general manager of mobile core network products, general manager of WCDMA products, general manager of multimedia & terminal products, and general manager of multimedia service products. Mr. Fang has extensive experience in the operation of products including mobile/fixed network, value-added service and multimedia service.
With more than 20 years of expertise in the R&D, marketing, and product operation & management areas of the telecoms industry, he offers unique insights into the telecoms market.