Anthony Clarkson

Anthony Clarkson is the Technical Director at ProLabs and is available to speak on evolving architectures for 5G, network evolution to 100G and power consumption in data centre environments.
After graduating from the University of Manchester with a 1st class degree in Electronic Systems Engineering, Anthony has gained 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s largest service providers with a strong technical background in all areas of the network including wireless and fixed access, edge, core, transport and management systems. Anthony is the Technical Director at ProLabs and enjoys nothing more than evangelising about technology and network evolution.
Due to Anthony’s knowledge and experience, he is a key speaker at various industry events including NGON, FTTH Council Africa and LINX events. He is also a key media contact and regularly has briefings with industry specific journalists regarding market trends and challenges and the work that ProLabs is undertaking. Anthony submits articles regularly to industry and mainstream media publications and has been published in The Times newspaper amongst many others.