TiniFiber®, FiberFox partner for new arc fusion splicers

Created June 26, 2024
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TiniFiber, which manufactures patented TiniFiber Micro Armor Fiber optical cabling solutions, has partnered with FiberFox America Inc. to unveil two new arc fusion splicer systems that it says will help installers speed the precision, low-loss splicing of the company’s compact, lightweight and durable armoured fibre optic cables. Providing Active Core Alignment and V-groove splicing respectively, the Mini 6S+ (pictured) and Mini 12R+ are, the company says, the industry’s smallest arc fusion splicers and both come with two batteries as standard. The Mini 6S+ uses six motors to directly align fibre cores for reliable single strand splices, while the Mini 12R+ can handle up to 12 ribbon fibre strands simultaneously.

TiniFiber says both of the new systems offer comprehensive touchscreen control and feature a two-CCD camera system for high-accuracy fibre alignment. The units are fully compatible with Splice-On Connector (SOC) technology and are supplied with a thermal stripper, precision cleaver, cleaning kit and all of the consumables needed to get up and running immediately.

The Mini 6S+ measures 4.88 x 4.85 x 5.43 inches (124 x 123.2 x 138mm) and weighs 3.4lbs (1.54kg). Typical splice loss is from 0.01dB to 0.04dB depending on cable type and a ‘quick mode’ will deliver a single mode splice time of just six seconds. Up to 90 splice programs and up to 32 heating programs can be configured by the user and onboard memory accommodates saving up to 10,000 splice records and 2,000 splice images. The Mini 12R+ has similar dimensions as the Mini 6S+ and weighs 3.05lbs (1.38kg). Typical splice loss is from 0.02dB to 0.08dB depending on cable type; typical splice time is 15 seconds. Up to 140 splice programs and up to 38 heating programs can be configured by the user and the unit’s splice memory supports up to 5,000 records.

Each unit is supplied as a kit inside a protective yellow hard carry case and will come with a 3-pack of FastTrack Calibration Services, performed in the USA. Services include – demo loaner, factory refresh, software updates, replace electrodes, clean optical components, diagnostic and performance test.

“Today’s busy installers demand systems that deliver reliable, low-loss splicing in the shortest possible time,” said Christian Peterson, founder of TiniFiber. “With splicing times down to just six seconds and dual batteries as standard, the new ultra-compact Mini series arc fusion splicers address this demand while optimising on-site productivity.”

For more information, visit: https://tinifibre.com


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