R&M expands FTTH splice closure portfolio

Created June 15, 2024
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Reichle & De-Massari (R&M), has launched new FO distribution high-density splice closures SYNO S series and ZOONA STP12, which offer two to three times the fibre capacity of conventional distribution splice closures for FTTH connections, says the company. The SYNO S-400HD accommodates 2,304 ribbon fibres and 384 single-fibre splices. The leading model is the SYNO S-500HD with a capacity of 3,456 ribbon fibre and 576 single fibre splices in a 25×70-centimetre housing.

The modular tray concept of the SYNO S series splice closures gives network operators flexibility in terms of FTTH connections. Technicians can also configure the splice closures on-site as required. Each tray can be equipped with holders for single fibre or ribbon fibre splices or splitters, and the segmented cable entry bays with SYNO gel seals are also freely configurable. This means that FTTH companies can implement all kinds of topologies and applications with a single system. They can plan the network with different cable types to suit the premises. In the future, cabling can be densified or changed quickly on demand, as the splice closures can be opened in just a few simple steps.

The outdoor splice closure ZOONA STP12 with a capacity of up to 144 single fibre splices. The compact ZOONA splice closures are used in masts and facades as well as in niches and shafts. The ZOONA144 is a cost-efficient solution for gradually expanding or quickly increasing the density of the FO infrastructure on the last mile to customers. Technicians can prepare the splice closures for installation within minutes without special tools and specialist training. This is why the ZOONA is particularly suitable for time-critical roll-outs. The mechanical QIKseal developed by R&M is self-explanatory. The high-density splice closures SYNO S-400HD and ZOONA STP12 round out the R&M portfolio for the FTTx market. It covers all network levels from the central office and PoP to the service area interface.

R&M launched a high-density version of its SYNO dome closure in October 2023. The outdoor splice closure offers twice the splice capacity of standard types, and supports single fibre and ribbon fibre cabling concurrently.

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