InCoax, Nokia sign agreement for multi-gig broadband over coax

Created June 24, 2024
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InCoax and Nokia have signed an agreement to integrate InCoax’s solution into Nokia’s Gigabit Connect portfolio. The MoCA Access™-based solution enables cable and service providers to deliver multi-gigabit broadband services over existing coaxial cables in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and buildings that are too difficult to serve with fibre. The solution will be marketed through Nokia’s global sales and distribution network. InCoax’s technology seamlessly integrates with Nokia’s PON OLT portfolio and Nokia’s AltiplanoTM Access Control software platform, simplifying network and subscriber service management over fibre, coaxial, and copper cable.

Scheduled trial deliveries will begin in the second half of 2024 and are expected to increase gradually thereafter. The total value of the deal is difficult to estimate but is expected to positively impact InCoax’s sales growth over time. The agreement is exclusive, with an initial term of five years and annual renewals thereafter. Following the signing of the original Memorandum of Understanding, the parties have collaborated extensively on development, feature integration, and solution testing. Nokia’s global support services organization will engage to provide customer solution support in coordination with InCoax.

“With InCoax’s solution, Nokia will be able to offer operators comprehensive and integrated fibre network solutions for multi-gigabit broadband that also include multi-dwelling units where traditional fibre installations are difficult to implement due to technical, legal, and economic constraints. For an operator, this represents great value as it allows for quicker revenue generation across a larger subscriber base. It is very satisfying that Nokia has chosen InCoax MoCA Access,” says Jörgen Ekengren, CEO of InCoax Networks.

In 2023, InCoax launched its A251 NTE series of modems which terminate operator’s networks in individual homes in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) in the US. The modem uses existing coaxial cabling and is capable of 2.5Gbps data rates to the individual subscriber. The units are expected to be commercially in April 2023. The InCoax A251 NTE was created to meet the demand for MultiGigabit services by extending the 2.5Gbps DPU capabilities to the subscriber. It will be available in 15 versions supporting five different MoCA AccessTM bands, and is capable of co-existence with legacy TV services. It also provides ETSI Reverse Power Feed and extra output power with the Extended Range versions.

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