EXFO introduces single-ended dispersion test solution for fibre characterisation

Created June 20, 2024
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EXFO has introduced the FTBx-570, which it claims is the only cloud-connected, single-ended test solution that measures chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) in fibre optic networks. EXFO is the sole provider of single-ended CD/PMD test devices, and the FTBx-570 is its fastest version launched to date.

Enabling technicians to characterise multiple optical links efficiently from a single location for speeds up to 400/800G and beyond, EXFO’s FTBx-570 single-ended dispersion analyser provides accurate CD/PMD measurements — imperative to ensure quality of service in data centre interconnect (DCI), metro, core, and 5G networks.

CD and PMD are present in all optical fibre networks, and typically become problematic at speeds above 10 Gbps, requiring careful measurement and management. To effectively mitigate degradation of transmission, network operators must identify what type of fibre and what level of dispersion is present. The FTBx-570 dispersion analyser provides those insights, with single instrument testing, an intuitive GUI interface, automated result sharing, and intelligent functionalities to optimize test parameters. And on average, single-ended testing has been shown to achieve full network characterization in 68 percent less time than other methods. Dispersion testing is a key component of fully compliant fibre characterisation which also includes fibre inspection, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) measurement.

EXFO says the FTBx-570 offers fewer trucks rolls, reducing operating costs and environmental footprint with single-ended, reliable testing; rapid and accurate CD/PMD tests, typically in under 30 seconds; reduced chance of human error, with single-button operation; and cloud-based job management and reporting with EXFO Exchange for operational compliance across teams.

“EXFO’s single-ended dispersion analyser is a game-changer at a time when the quality and reliability of fibre optic networks has never been more critical,” said Sophie Legault, director Mobile and Cloud Solutions at EXFO. “As part of EXFO’s leading cloud-connected fibre characterisation solution, the FTBx-570 provides unique and insightful CD and PMD test capabilities while significantly reducing operational costs.”

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