China Telecom Shanghai Branch collaborates with ZTE to deploy FTTR-B all-optical network

Created June 27, 2024
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ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, in partnership with China Telecom Shanghai Branch, has recently successfully deployed the FTTR-B all-optical network at Shanghai Lisheng Hotel. This marks an innovative application of ZTE’s FTTR-B technology tailored to the specific needs of the hotel industry. The FTTR-B all-optical network solution is capable of addressing a variety of customer needs in a comprehensive manner, including seamless Wi-Fi roaming throughout the hotel, unified guest internet authentication, access for smart guest control devices, and connectivity for IoT devices. This deployment aims to facilitate the digital and intelligent development of the hotel industry.

The FTTR-B all-optical network solution provided by ZTE realizes one-fiber entering each room and carrying all services. Compared to traditional solutions, it offers significant overall advantages, including full coverage of gigabit Wi-Fi, a more streamlined network architecture, and strong system expansion capabilities.

Gigabit Wi-Fi Full Coverage: Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 covers all areas of the hotel, with 70 access points deployed for coverage and 265 gateways deployed for set-top box access, wired internet, and Wi-Fi coverage in rooms. Both guest rooms and public areas are connected to a single Wi-Fi network, with unified user authentication for network access. This significantly improves the internet experience for hotel guests, offering faster network speeds, comprehensive coverage without dead spots, and seamless network roaming without interruptions.

Simplified Network Architecture: The FTTT-B main device replaces the original corridor switches, and the splitters replace the original floor switches, simplifying the network architecture. The main gateway incorporates an AC for seamless roaming. This networking architecture reduces equipment and O&M costs for the hotel.

Strong Network Expansion Capability: The FTTR-B all-optical network can meet future expansion needs for informatization, including bandwidth and functionality. It supports smooth upgrade and expansion, allowing the hotel to integrate smart guest control devices in the future without additional cabling.

The deployment of the FTTR-B all-optical network by China Telecom Shanghai Branch, in partnership with ZTE, has achieved an innovative enhancement of broadband network applications for hotel scenarios. It helps hotel owners reduce equipment deployment and O&M costs, improves the internet experience for hotel guests, enhances network expansion capabilities, promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the hotel industry.

Moving forward, ZTE is committed to continuous innovation, enhancing the core competitiveness of its product solutions, deepening cooperation with its clients, and jointly advancing network innovation to explore innovative applications of all-optical networks.

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