Hyper Photonix’ 800G DR8 optical transceivers now available

Created May 23, 2024
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Hyper Photonix, says its 800G DR8 products. 800G DR8 leverages the power of Hyper Silicon™, the company’s patented silicon photonics platform, and demonstrates scalability of its 400G DR4 product line. Hyper Photonix 800G optics are available in QSFP-DD112 and OSFP-112 form-factors and 500m to 10km reach, and they are compatible with NVIDIA/Infiniband and Ethernet ecosystems. With completion of comprehensive qualification testing, these 800G products are now in mass production at the company’s high-volume automated manufacturing facility.

Looking ahead, Hyper Photonix is expanding its portfolio of parallel single-mode optics further. The company will announce additional 800G and 1.6T products later this year, including its linear pluggable optic (LPO) and active optical cable (AOC) configurations.

“Operators of large AI Clusters started to transition from using multi-mode fibre transceivers to longer reach single-mode fibre modules, including DR8,” commented Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, CEO and chief analyst at LightCounting. “Demand for single-mode 800G transceivers is likely to exceed our forecast in 2024 and triple in 2025. Large customers are concerned about the limited manufacturing capacity of their current suppliers and starting to qualify new vendors. It is great timing for the Hyper Photonix announcement.”

“The 800G optical transceiver product line represents the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence,” said Xavier Clairardin, CEO at Hyper Photonix. “Built on the Hyper Silicon™ platform, these transceivers offer performance, reliability, and capacity tailored to the demands of hyperscale data centres. The cost and power optimised design makes the QSFP-DD112 and OSFP-112 transceivers ideal for Ethernet and Infiniband AI/ML applications.”

For more information, visit www.hyperphotonix.com.


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