CommScope Supports Gigaclear Mission to Bring Rural Britain up to Speed

Created May 23, 2024
Technical Features

When it comes to enjoying the benefits of broadband in the U.K., urban residents often fare better than those in more rural locations. Not only are more urban areas connected to full fiber broadband, but they are also likely to be served by multiple providers. This is usually not the case in rural communities, because rural villages and towns are often more difficult to connect—and therefore more costly for providers.

In 2010, Gigaclear Ltd., a provider of rural broadband connectivity, set about narrowing this digital divide. Its mission was simple: to take its unique network to rural, often hard-to-reach communities that might otherwise be left behind. With a commitment to using existing infrastructure such as poles and ducting wherever possible, Gigaclear set about extending its network.

At, Gigaclear celebrated reaching two milestones: 500,000 homes and businesses ready for service (RFS) across 26 counties, and achieving its 100,000th customer. Currently, the company has set its sights on reaching one million premises by the end of 2027. Helping them on this journey to ensure rural communities can benefit from the many opportunities that fast, reliable broadband brings is CommScope, which is providing Gigaclear with a number of network solutions.

Like any large-scale deployment, Gigaclear’s rural full fiber rollout poses several challenges, not least of which are geographical ones. Because each environment served is different, the company would need to utilise a variety of network architectures, such as support for physical infrastructure access (PIA) and microducts. The solution would also need to be fully compliant with CP08 PIA rules and other regulations.

Gigaclear is seeking to accelerate its deployment by minimising design, build and installation times. Since the number of skilled engineers in the U.K. is limited, the solution would also need to be relatively simple to configure and deploy.
Gigaclear is committed to serving its customers over the long term; so, to future-proof the deployment, its infrastructure would require the ability to scale and expand as needs evolved.

After evaluating a variety of options, Gigaclear determined that CommScope best met its needs—and its customers’ expectations. Offering a broad portfolio of products, CommScope is capable of providing solutions to support a wide variety of build topologies.
The two industry leaders have worked closely together for more than five years to meet the specialised needs of a distinctive marketplace—and proactively plan for future needs.
“Gigaclear and CommScope have forged a strong partnership over the course of several years,” said Jason Prince, lead fibre engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering Group at Gigaclear. “CommScope’s selection as our preferred partner speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products. However, what truly distinguishes them is their proactive approach in listening to our unique needs and consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to keep pace with our ever-evolving demands.”

CommScope has a large portfolio of products covering all build types, working closely with clients to understand their build challenges and take a consultative approach when advising. As part of the deployment initiative, CommScope worked closely to provide Gigaclear with the solutions that fit better for each demography area.

NOVUX® single fiber HST hardened terminals are an essential component for delivering dependable high performance. They are designed to adapt to Gigaclear’s specific application—sharing connection capabilities, a unique product information system, a mounting platform and customer configurability. They require fewer splices than aerial nodes, making them less costly and simpler. Built for harsh environments, these hardened terminals cannot be opened—helping to prevent accidental break of fibers or other damage.

The ability to scale up homes passed and homes connected over time was another key requirement. With Gigaclear’s growing network of half a million homes and business ready for service (RFS), flexible components like fiber splice closures and FACT fiber-optic panels and modules simplify scalability. This positions Gigaclear to continue growing the network.
CommScope has proactively identified improvements in manufacturing locations throughout the world, offering Gigaclear better lead times and a reduced environmental impact. CommScope’s supply chain can also help compensate for inconsistent availability of materials, a valuable advantage for Gigaclear during their peak deployment periods.

To accelerate installation and build times, Gigaclear can choose from a variety of precabled/ solutions and innovative designs. These preconfigured solutions enable the provider to sidestep many cumbersome field installation processes and get more deployments done, faster. Building the solutions in advance also helps minimise installation errors, as connectorization is performed at CommScope factories in a controlled environment. These innovative products are designed specifically with engineers in mind, decreasing install time and saving costs.

Thanks in part to the vast array of options provided by CommScope, Gigaclear is confident it can extend its network to even more rural communities and achieve its target of one million homes passed in 2027. Both companies consider their partnership a springboard for growth, and CommScope is currently working with Gigaclear’s planning and engineering teams to identify new products that will help bring additional efficiencies to Gigaclear’s rural network rollout in the future.

Author: Jarrett Roumania
FTTX Account Manager – UK & Ireland


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