Ekinops launches 800G pluggable with double capacity and extended reach

Created April 3, 2024
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Ekinops has announced the availability of its new PM_800FR04 pluggable module for the Ekinops360 WDM optical transport system based on its FlexRate™ technology. With the market for 800G transport reaching critical mass, Ekinops now offers a high-performance solution capable of regional distances at full line rate and long-haul transport at 400G.

The PM_800FR04 provides multi-protocol, multi-rate client support for 100GbE, OTU4 and 400GbE services and can be combined with other Ekinops360 line cards for low-speed service aggregation onto 800G links.  Compatible with existing Ekinops360 chassis, it makes Ekinops one of the limited few equipment vendors who are able to offer 800G capability in a standard 300mm telco form factor.

The PM_800FR04 is currently being quoted to customers with general availability in the second quarter of 2024.

According to market research firm Cignal AI, the market for transponder-based 800G optics will grow by 40% in 2024. Ekinops says the introduction of the PM_800FR04 positions the company perfectly as this market hits its rapid growth phase. This latest addition to Ekinops’ FlexRate™ family greatly enhances the performance of the Ekinops360 platform, with extended reach of 400G capability that allows service providers to double their capacity on long-haul routes, as well as an 800G line rate for metro-regional applications.

“The PM_800FR04 really serves multiple purposes in terms of our customers’ needs for higher capacity transport,” said Sylvain Quartier, chief marketing officer at Ekinops. “With the boundary between metro, regional and long-haul networks continuing to blur, it solves a lot of problems with superior performance, namely the ability to provide long haul 400G connectivity as well as 800G where it’s needed.”

For more information, visit https://www.ekinops.com.


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