Connectivity excellence: Fujikura’s role in Europe’s Fibre Revolution

Created March 27, 2024
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Amidst the surge of fibre to the home/building (FTTx) across the European Union’s 39 member  states (EU39), Fujikura Europe stands at the forefront of delivering high speed customer connections. The landscape is transforming rapidly, with the total number of homes passed reaching a staggering 219 million in September 2022, reflecting a remarkable year-over-year growth.

Key countries like the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, and Italy are setting the pace, contributing to the significant annual growth rates. Belgium leads with a phenomenal 60% growth rate, closely followed by the United Kingdom (+51%), Serbia (+40%), The Netherlands (+34.7%), and Greece (+34.5%). While countries like Iceland top the European FTTH/B penetration ranking, these nations are undeniably pioneers in the rapid expansion of high-speed full fibre connections, fuelled by the growing needs of the digital age.
The urgency of fibre to the building and fibre to the home rollouts has become more than a necessity; it’s a fundamental requirement for the functioning of modern society. Businesses are moving critical operations to the cloud, and individuals rely on seamless connections for work, education, and leisure. We all understand that the role of ultra-fast connectivity has evolved beyond a mere convenience to an absolute necessity, driven not just by the demands of remote work but also online education, and the increasing complexity and proliferation of technologies like artificial intelligence.
Thanks to a culture of innovation and engineering excellence, Fujikura Europe is playing a key role in the acceleration of full fibre rollout across the United Kingdom.
Our innovative Wrapping Tube Cable with SpiderWeb Ribbon fibre is a technology that brings multiple benefits for service providers. Notably, because of a design which enables a high fibre density and small diameter cables, using our cables means getting more fibre into the available duct space – maximising value and reducing the need for civil works. WTC with SWR is easy to work with because it’s gel-free and has easily identifiable fibre bundles, which when used with the Fujikura 90R mass fusion splicer makes deployments faster and simpler.
The final stretch access network of FTTH deployment holds unique challenges which are addressed by our connectivity and splicing technology. Existing infrastructure, physical structures, access, congestion at the point of distribution and cost (particularly in rural areas) all contribute to the complexity of connecting customers. Our connectivity portfolio, which includes termination and distribution boxes, demarcation, and customer outlets, eases this stage. The 45S clad alignment splicer serves as a catalyst to help overcome the hurdles of last mile and customer connections.
The 45S fusion splicer embodies Fujikura’s dedication to innovation, delivering up to a 30% reduction in operational cycle time. Neil Bessant, Divisional Manager of the Fusion Splicer Division, explains, “It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and usercentric design, providing efficient solutions for the growing demand in high-speed connectivity. It not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets new standards for ease of use and performance in cladding alignment splicers.”
Yuji Ohba, Sales Director at Fujikura Europe, sheds light on the company’s instrumental role in conquering the challenges of the access network. He  emphasises, “At Fujikura, we recognise the critical nature of this phase and through a progressive, technology-led approach, we’re enabling telcos throughout the UK to keep pace with customer demand and government aims for ultra-fast broadband coverage. We know what it takes to speed up FTTH deployments and reduce total cost of ownership and we invite you to discuss your network deployment goals with us at the FTTH Conference in Berlin.”

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