Isolator Wave Guide – Optical Isolators for PICs

Created January 16, 2024
Product Focus

Bulky optical isolators are now a thing of the past!
Isolator Wave Guides (IWG) are tiny yet efficient latched garnet crystals that can guide light seamlessly in PICs. At the heart of IWGs are waveguides meticulously inscribed by femtosecond laser processes.
This produces garnet slabs with preserved Faraday rotation characteristics and can guide light like any other waveguide.
No more complex/costly lens alignments!
IWG enables the integration of lasers into PICs without actively aligned lenses. This protects your fibered systems from optical back-reflections and feedback. IWG is easy to install and maintain, making it suitable for telecom and datacom applications.
Design flexibility IWGs can be tailored to meet individual customers’ unique needs and requirements. The compact lens-less design and the flexibility of IWG isolators’ mounting options can be easily integrated into existing systems, reducing costly modifications.
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by Optical Connections News Team