TOSHIBA demonstrates viability of deploying quantum key distribution with existing networks and services with orange and BT.

Created October 2, 2023
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The continuing advancement and commercialisation of quantum computing poses risks to current methods of public key encryption which are likely to be rendered insecure. Toshiba’s QKD, which uses the quantum properties of light to generate quantum secure keys for encrypting and decrypting data, has been developed to provide protection against the power of future quantum computers.

Toshiba and Orange have demonstrated the viability of deploying Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) on existing networks to protect transmissions from being decrypted by quantum computers.



A new research paper presents findings from joint tests using Toshiba’s commercially available QKD products, showing how the technology can be successfully deployed on network provider’s existing fibre networks alongside their current data services. These findings could help network operators reduce the cost of implementing QKD by removing the need to invest in dedicated quantum fibre infrastructure.

HSBC is the first bank to join BT and Toshiba’s quantum-secured metro network – connecting two UK sites using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to prepare its global operations against future cyber threats. This technology will be trialled in multiple scenarios, including financial transactions, secure video communications and one-time-pad encryption, as well as its integration to AWS Cloud Edge.

HSBC will trial the quantum secure transmission of test data over fibre-optic cables between its global HQ in Canary Wharf and data centre in Berkshire, 62km away.

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