GFiber taps Nokia for 20G PON service

Created October 28, 2023
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Nokia has announced that Google Fiber is deploying the manufacturer’s 25G PON solution to enhance its existing fibre network and deliver a new 20G broadband service to customers through GFiber Labs. Using Nokia’s 25G PON solution, GFiber says it can provide broadband speeds that are up to 10x faster than what most fibre networks can deliver today.

Nokia says its 25G PON fibre broadband solution allows GFiber to establish a future-ready network that can immediately address the growing demand for more capacity and enhanced broadband services. GFiber Labs is currently using this technology to deliver 20 Gig services to UMKC and United Way of Utah County and will be available to select residential customers by the end of the 2023. Igt also enables GFiber to reuse its existing optical fibre cables and active equipment deployed in its network to quickly deliver a 20 Gig symmetrical broadband service to customers.

Liz Hsu, Senior Director, Product & Billing at Google Fibre, said: “The age of multi-gig broadband services is here and we’re committed to ensuring all of our customers can benefit from the incredible potential it brings. We believe investments in advanced ntwork technologies like Nokia’s 25G PON solution will help catalyse change, drive innovation and revolutionise the user experience. We’re thrilled to be working with Nokia to move our industry and customers forward.”

Geert Heyninck, general manager of Broadband Networks at Nokia, said, “It’s an exciting time to be a Google Fibre customer as we work to help them usher in a new era of connectivity that’s capable of delivering lightning fast 20 gigabit services. With our 25G PON solution Google Fibre can reuse its existing fibre network to quickly and cost effectively deliver the next generation of gigabit services to their customers. We’re proud to continue supporting Google Fibre on its quest to build the foundation of tomorrow’s internet.”

Julie Kunstler, chief analyst, Broadband Access Intelligence Service at Omdia, said, “This announcement highlights the momentum we are starting to see for 25G PON. With a robust ecosystem, 25G PON can be a natural fit for those operators that want to pursue higher-revenue customers and applications. Because you can use the same underlying infrastructure as FTTH, this means more revenues without expensive new network builds or additional operational costs.”

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by Peter Dykes

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