Albis Optoelectronics introduces new product line of photodiode modules

Created October 2, 2023
Product Focus

At the upcoming ECOC 2023 exhibition in Glasgow, Albis Optoelectronics will present the PM Series – its newly introduced photodiode module product line. The PM modules are a series of self-contained, ready-to-use, high-speed photodiode modules for direct optical to electrical conversion of RF-modulated optical signals. All modules are LiPo battery powered and USB-C chargeable with a conventional 5V phone charger.

The series include a variety of modules with bandwidths from 10 GHz to 30 GHz, available with single-mode or multi-mode fiber. The photodiodes inside the modules are high-performance Albis p-i-n photodiodes, designed to operate over a wide wavelength range from 800 to 1620nm.

Albis Optoelectronics is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of highspeed photodiodes. Since 20 years, the Swiss company offers the broadest portfolio of Telcordia qualified InP and GaAs photodiodes for datacom and telecom applications in the industry.


All photodiode products are manufactured in-house in Albis’ dedicated clean-room facilities in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. Product highlights include: PIN photodiodes for 10G, 28G, 56G and 112G digital and analog receivers; high power photodiodes and packaged photodetectors; low bias APDs for 2.5G and 10G OLT/ONUs; 28G APDs for 28 Gbaud PAM-4 and 100GBASE-ER4 applications; side-illuminated monitor diodes and monitor diode arrays; photodiodes with integrated lenses and optical filters; hermetically packaged, short and long-wavelength microwave photodetectors up to 40 GHz.

For more information visit our booth #539.


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