Berxel Photonics’ 106 Gbps VCSEL 800G transceiver now sampling

Created September 8, 2023
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Shenzhen-based Berxel Photonics says its 106 Gbps VCSEL is available now for customers’ sampling.

The 106 Gbps VCSEL powered 800G transceiver has successfully reached 100 meters OM4 transmission distance, with lower than 1E-8 Bit-error rates (BER) at 0°C – 70°C module case temperature, complying to IEEE standards. In addition, Berxel demonstrated 60-100 meters transmission over low-cost legacy OM2 and OM3 MMF fibres with low BER.

The PAM4 per lane device has been sample-tested by leading module integrators. Leveraging its design, testing capabilities, 6″ process foundry and global supply chain for 4x 53 Gbps volume delivery, Berxel says it is uniquely positioned to provide the most scalable and cost-effective solution to the future 800 Gbps SR8 and AOC demands from all types of data centre. In 2024, Berxel will apply innovative High Contrast Grating technology on thew 106 Gbps VCSEL to enable 3-5 times longer transmission distance.

The company says that as global chips shortages and high prices persist, cost effective and power efficient 106 Gbps VCSEL is a proven solution for commercial high-speed 4 x 100G and 8 x 100G short reach transceivers and active optical cable (AOC) applications.

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