Openreach taps Adtran for 100G service expansion

Created August 9, 2023
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The UK’s largest wholesale broadband network Openreach, has deployed Adtran’s FSP 3000 open optical transport technology to enable its new Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single enterprise service, according to the vendor. The product offers a dedicated fibre link offers point-to-point 100Gbps data transport. The solution also brings efficiency benefits that reduce capital and operational expenditure. Openreach has been using Adtran technology for over 10 years, and in May 2020, the network operator began using ADTRAN’s SDX Series of OLTs and Mosaic Cloud Platform as part of its project to pass 20 million UK homes and businesses.

Openreach’s Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single offers a choice of point-to-point Ethernet links at 100Gbps or 10 separate channels at 10Gbps. Built on Adtran’s scalable, open FSP 3000 optical transport technology, the service empowers Openreach to meet the growing demand for data-intensive cloud-based applications. Engineered for operational simplicity, Adtran’s compact and highly efficient FSP 3000 platform offers a dedicated fibre link ensuring low latency, consistent service quality and unparalleled network reliability for Openreach’s customers.

“Corporate cloud applications and other data-intensive tasks such as data centre backhaul are fuelling a growing demand for bandwidth. Adtran’s scalable optical technology enables us to offer a managed, high-speed service that satisfies that demand at a highly competitive price point,” said Simon Williams, head of optical products at Openreach. “With no filters or amplifiers required, our Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single service offers secure and always-on optical services that can transport enormous amounts of data. We’re also making dedicated, uncomplicated and customizable access available in a slimmed-down package that’s even easier to manage.”

“Our FSP 3000 technology gives Openreach a powerful optical transport solution that efficiently delivers high-bandwidth services for enterprise customers. Using the Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single service, businesses can now smoothly manage substantial data transfers, even during peak operational hours,” commented Stuart Broome, GM of EMEA sales at Adtran. “We have a great track record of partnering with Openreach to advance digital transformation across the UK. It’s a relationship based on trust and a shared dedication to deliver for customers. Together, we’re providing extra capacity and value for more businesses.”

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by Peter Dykes

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