New stripper and cleaver upgrades from Fujikura

Created August 29, 2023
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Fujikura has announced the release of three new specialty accessories, including the SS110  automatic stripper (pictured) and upgrades to its CT110 and CT111 cleavers. The company says the SS110 is applicable to a range of fibre sizes (including 125μm cladding and 900μm coating) thanks to an optional additional blade which provides users with flexibility for a range of applications. The SS110 includes an RFID tag attached to the newly designed fibre holder, which enables the stripper to automatically select the most appropriate programme for the fibre, eliminating the risk of failed strips due to incorrect programme selection. The SS110 also features an automatic stripping mechanism, ensuring easy operation and consistent stripping results.

Accompanying the SS110, the CT110 and CT111 cleavers have been upgraded from the popular CT101/102 models to deliver superior cleaving performance and time-saving automation. Both cleavers are equipped with an automatic blade position changing mechanism which adjusts the blade height to ensure consistent cleaving quality. The new automatic tension setting correctly tensions the fibre to achieve precise cleaves with ease. The RFID wireless communication feature reads the RFID tag attached to the newly designed fibre holder, selecting the appropriate cleaving programme for the fibre. The company says these new features improve cleaving quality, reduce setup time, and enhance efficiency for various applications. The CT111 also boasts an angled-cleaving function, providing additional versatility for cleaves between 0° and 15°.

Sameen Saleem, European Business Development Engineer at Fujikura said, “We’re pleased to launch our brand-new SS110 automatic stripper which includes RFID technology and automatic stripping operation for consistent and high-quality end results. The SS110 is joined by the new CT110/111 series of cleavers, which improve on our CT101/102 cleavers thanks the addition of automatic features to further optimise the cleaving process, making it as efficient as possible for users.

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