CommScope launches SYSTIMAX Constellation for enterprise power and data

Created August 11, 2023
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CommScope has launchd of its SYSTIMAX® Constellation™ edge-based platform for connecting and powering hyperconnected enterprise. The system leverages fault-managed power, which safely transmits more power over less copper than traditional powering technologies. That approach, deployed in a star network topology, extends service distances from equipment rooms and delivers 10G speeds and 1kW power to a growing number of connected devices in increasingly dense urban environments. The distributed star topology extends services from equipment rooms to a service area or zone to support proximate devices. Its simplified architecture can reduce the copper and plastic in the network, in some cases by nearly 60%, and the typical installation can reduce labour hours by over 50% over traditional systems.

CommScope says that compared to traditional structured cabling networks, the Constellation platform utilises a simplified architecture that is both modular and technology-agnostic. This allows it to use fewer components while supporting both converged and segmented networks, AC and DC power applications and a variety of connectivity standards. As a result, the Constellation platform delivers greater power and faster speeds to more devices, requiring less space and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the network.

“The Constellation platform addresses our customers’ growing need to build and augment IP networks in response to the densification of urban centres and the proliferation of connected devices,” stated Jack Carlson, SVP, Enterprise Business Unit, CCS, CommScope. “By approaching this challenge with a modular, technology-agnostic solution, we’re providing our customers with more choices for building connectivity and power into the network edge—and helping them do it in a way that’s cost-effective, scalable and sustainable.”

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