Leviton OPT-XTM SJZ fibre assemblies available in EMEA

Created July 17, 2023
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Leviton has announced its the new OPT-X™ SJZ sub-jacketed fibre cable and associated pre-terminated fibre trunks are now available to support data centres and network managers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The addition of SJZ cables and trunk assemblies complements the company’s OPT-X SJP sub-jacketed plenum-rated solutions in North America. Both SJZ and SJP make up the SJX global family of loose-tube cable and trunk assemblies, with fire ratings that cover all regions around the world.

The sub-jacketed fibre groups qualify as a rated cable for individual routing paths, giving network managers more options with breakouts in racks, cabinets, and cable management routing. The cables are rated EuroClass B2ca, s1a d1 a1 for LSZH installations, and OFNR-FT4-ST1 for riser installations. Available in 12- to 144-count fibre constructions, SJZ cable is optimized for use in indoor installations and, as part of a made-to-order Trunk Cable Assembly, is available with single-mode and OM3, OM4 and OM5 multimode fibres.

SJZ pre-terminated trunk assemblies are available in two performance levels: OPT-X Unity SJZ Trunks for ultra-low-loss performance channels and OPT-X Engage SJZ Trunks for low-loss performance channels. These offerings support greater distances and multiple connection points while staying within IEEE low-loss limits.

“B2ca trunks now complement our fibre assembly range and ensures that all fibre assemblies have the highest possible Euroclass rating in EMEA,” said Michael Lawrence, product manager for Leviton Network Solutions EMEA. “As part of a global solution, SJZ allows multinational organizations to use consistent project specifications across regions. Additionally, we’ve built SJZ cable for easier installations, with a tight bend radius and no preferential bend direction.”

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