AngaCom 2023: Sticklers™ launches touchless fibre cleaning

Created May 4, 2023
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Sticklers™ is launching its Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner at AngaCom. The device uses a non-flammable cleaning fluid classified as non-hazardous and is non-regulated for transport by sea, ground and air. Packaged in spill proof cannisters to guarantee solvent purity, each canister cleans over 2000 connectors.  The cleaning fluid cartridge contains less than 100ml of fluid and can be conveniently carried through airport security screening in service kits or carry-on luggage.

The Sticklers™ Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner currently includes adapters to clean 1.25mm and 2.5mm connectors. The offering will expand with 1.6mm for military; 2.0mm for broadband; and MPO/MTP in various fibre counts. The Pro 360 features a handset to inject a micro-dose of atomised, high-purity cleaning fluid within a Coanda effect airstream to clean and dry fibre optic connector end faces. Contamination is removed from across the entire end face with a touchless cleaning process.

Liam Taylor, Sticklers European Business Manager, Fibre Optics says, “The Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner really is a game-changer. Cleaning has to be effective to ensure that fibre delivers the data speeds, reliability, and performance that end-users require. Additionally, large data centres comprising hundreds of thousands of metres of fibre optic cable and optical connections must be cleaned quickly and efficiently. The new Pro360™ meets these demands by delivering rapid and effective cleaning. In just one 3.5 second cycle, the entire end face surface is left perfectly clean and dry. Compact and portable, the Pro360™ features rechargeable batteries so it can be used wherever high-performance end face cleaning is required.  Perfect for FTTH, FTTA, and data centre applications, all at the lowest cost per clean. The team is looking forward to demonstrating why the Sticklers™ Pro360™ Touchless Cleaner will transform how fibre end-faces are cleaned.”

The Sticklers™ Pro 360™ Touchless Cleaner and a range of fibre cleaning products will be on show at ANGACOM, Cologne, Germany from 23-25th May 2023, Hall 8, Stands F10 and F48.

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