STL launches 180 micron optical fibre

Created April 18, 2023
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STL has developed its slimmest fibre yet, a 180 micron optical fibre. This fibre enables the smallest diameters in cables with the highest fibre densities. STL showcased a next-generation microcable with 288 fibres capable of being deployed in 8 mm ducts and says is amongst the first companies globally and the first in India to develop such a product. In October 2022, STL announced the launch of India’s first multicore fibre and cable.

The 180 micron G657 A2 fibre combines bend-insensitive properties with a fully backward-compatible cable design which makes it ready to deploy. STL says that as the service providers densify the network with more fibre, duct space will be a precious asset, and its high-density microcable will help operators to pack more capacity in limited duct space, thereby reducing costs and deployment times.

Paul Atkinson, CEO-Optical Networking, STL, said, “The amount of fibre the world needs is immense. R&D and innovation in fibre design will be, according to us, the most important driver for future-ready networks. We are intensely focused on product innovations that will enable fiberisation in a scalable, faster and cost-effective way.  STL’s high-density microcable and integrated optical connectivity offerings will deliver a lot of value for our customers. I am also very excited about the fact that it will significantly reduce the plastic in the ground and contribute to our customer’s sustainability goals.”

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