OFC 2023: Corning launches DCI cabling system

Created March 6, 2023
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Corning has unveiled its newest connectivity solution, the EDGE™ Distribution System. Designed to meet the ever-growing demand for information processing in the cloud, Corning says the pre-engineered data centre solution shortens installation time for server cabling by up to 70%, helps address shortages in skilled labour, and provides up to a 55% reduction in carbon footprint by minimising materials and packaging.

Initial deployments at hyperscale data centres in the U.S., Europe, and Asia have shown that the EDGE Distribution System can lower total installed cost by up to 20%.

Corning says the EDGE Distribution System is faster, because existing data centre solutions can be too costly or take too long to deploy. The EDGE Distribution System allows operators to add capacity more quickly, consolidating dozens of patch cords into a single assembly. This accelerates the installation process by 70%, makes it safer, and reduces reliance on skilled labour. By adding capacity more quickly, operators can also lower total installed cost and shorten the path to revenue recognition.

The system is more sustainable, because operators can redesign their physical networks, from the leaf switches to the top-of-rack switches, minimising the use of metal and plastic and reducing the carbon footprint of the optical links. In addition, consolidating all the patch cords into one assembly minimises the use of cable trays and product packaging. Together, the consolidation of cable and the minimising of materials and packaging can provide up to a 55% reduction in carbon footprint compared to legacy solutions.

Finally, the company says the system is customisable, meaning operators can use Corning’s virtual configuration tools and expert, regionally based technical support to customise the system to their desired fibre counts, number of access points, and connector type.

“This is a critical moment for cloud data centres. They need to quickly ramp up capacity in a time of labour constraints. Corning designed the EDGE Distribution System to meet those needs, providing a new path to capacity, speed, and sustainability,” said Michael O’Day, vice president and chief technology officer at Corning Optical Communications.

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